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Many of the boxes below contain more explanations, descriptions, quotes and essays related to the problems VIP was designed to address, ever since we constructed VIP’s nonprofit psychotherapy service in 1999.

Mental Diseases?

Are personal and emotional problems diseases? Read the Comments of: - Physician Director of a Psychiatric Residency program - Chairman of a Medical School Department of Psychiatry - President of the American Psychological Association - Drs. Kutchins and Kirk, authors...

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No Privacy

Is Privacy Necessary in Psychotherapy? Read the Reactions of:
- The Supreme Court of the United States
- Two Directors of the New York Psychoanalytic Society
- President of the American Psychiatric Association
- Dr. Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human...

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Profit Driven

Profits and no Privacy in Psychotherapy: Managed Care Read the Reactions of:
- Two Presidents of the American Psychiatric Association
- President of the American Psychological Association, Division of Psychoanalysis
- Timothy McCall, M.D., author of Examining Your...

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Letters of Support for VIP

Letters of Support for Volunteers in Psychotherapy, Inc. - Professor of Psychology & University of Connecticut Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology Director of Clinical Training, Dr. George J. Allen
- Past President of the American Psychological Association...

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Surgeon General Report

The Surgeon General’s New Clothes: How the press and the SG distort the truth about mental distress (also available in Perspectives Mental Health Magazine, April-May, 2000): By Richard Shulman, Ph.D. Following the issue of the Surgeon General’s report on mental health...

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Lost Confidentiality

Lost Confidence and Confidentiality in Psychotherapy Richard Shulman, Ph.D. Originally published at MentalHelpNet We don’t know what psychotherapy is anymore: It is not the screaming, finger pointing and denuding to the crowd of TV’s Sally, Jenny or Jerry, nor is it...

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